While each type of saw is useful in numerous ways, it’s hard to stop collecting the ones you might need for a specific project. Here at TIMBER MART, we think scroll saws are one of the most fun...
sanding wood
From the homey golden tones of a harvest table in your kitchen to the deep, dramatic mahogany of the dresser in your bedroom, the stain you choose has to match the personality of a piece. Here at...
Locks are your home’s first line of defence against strangers. In fact, they’re pretty much the only thing keeping unwanted people from wandering through your doorway. They protect the people and...
When you stand back near the street and give your house a once-over, are you pleased with how it represents you and your family? Or could the curb appeal use a little boost? Here at TIMBER MART, we...
Kitchen and bathroom sinks get used and abused on a daily basis and they can look pretty neglected between cleanings. Even if you’re quick to wipe away soapy scum and toothpaste splatters, you...
drill bill
They say creative minds are rarely tidy, so don’t feel badly if you’d have a hard time finding that drill bit -- it just means you’re an exceptionally creative woodworker, right? But here at TIMBER...
If you're building the tree house project, a lookout tower is a great add-on feature, ideal for spying on approaching enemy forces and lobbing water balloons at them. Download PDF here
Did you know the average roof lasts 17-20 years? What signs should you check for in the status of your roofs condition? Sam from Safe Guard Home Inspection has all the TimberTips you need.
Gutters play a key role in protecting your home from water. Hear these helpful TimberTips from Sam with Safe Guard Home Inspection on the importance of keeping your gutter clean.

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