Perfecting your walls


Do the walls in your home need a little TLC? We know it’s something that’s been on your mind, as you walk by those dents, dings, and uneven surfaces.

We’re going to show you exactly how easy it is to fix those walls once and for all, making them look better than ever before ...


Patch the holes.

We’ve all been there -- we get it. You were moving something heavy and someone’s hand slipped, which sent that dresser crashing into the drywall. So annoying, right?

If you need to do a small drywall patch job, we recommend a drywall compound that’s easy to handle and easy to sand, like CGC Sheetrock® and Durabond® Brand Setting-Type Patching Compounds. They come in resealable pouches so you don’t have to mix up more than you need for a small job, and you’ll end up with a hard, plaster-like surface when it dries.

If you’re only dealing with a small hole -- maybe from a relocated receptacle or that time the doorknob accidentally dented the wall by the laundry room -- we’re big fans of the CGC Strait-Flex® Perma-Patch. It’ll form a strong bond to the damaged surface and save you a ton of time.


Fix any damaged walls.

Maybe you’re dealing with a bigger situation, like a wall that was never drywalled properly the first time and needs to be redone? Or a wallpaper-removal situation that went south VERY quickly.

To make this job as quick and tidy as possible, we recommend CGC Sheetrock® Brand Dust Control® Drywall Compound. We don’t promise to understand the science behind it, but it was actually designed so the dust falls to the ground instead of floating around the air and making you cough.


Stabilize weaker outlets.

It’s easy to accidentally mis-cut the tight area around a receptacle box, and it’s annoying to see a gap between where the drywall ends and your light switch or electrical socket begins.

If you have an area or two, try a CGC Strait-Flex® Outlet Patch. They’re pre-cut to fit around standard electrical receptacle boxes, so you just need to stick them in place to reinforce any mis-cuts or damaged areas. Easy peasy!


Prime it perfect!

We know, we know -- priming isn’t nearly as fun or rewarding as painting your walls their final colour. But priming is SO important, especially when you’re taking the time to get smooth, even walls.

We’re into products that give us an extra helping hand, so that’s why we like CGC Sheetrock® Brand First Coat™ Drywall Paint. It’s a premium primer with the ability to minimize surface texture variations. Instead of your drywall looking smooth in some areas and lumpy-and-bumpy in others, its special formulation equalizes texture differences and provides a nice even finish coat.


Questions about getting those walls nice and smooth? Don’t be shy about asking -- we’re always here to help!

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