Motarless concrete block barbecue

Barbecues are fun to have and fun to build. It's fast and easy with concrete block.

Base preparation

Dig out an area approximately 4'x3' and 8" deep. Fill to depth of 4" with crushed stone or gravel and compact. Fill 2" of sand, compact, and level. Lay the 3"x8"x16" concrete solid pavers on top of the sand and level.

Building the barbecue

Follow the illustrations for first, second and third courses. Grates and grills are available from most TIM-BR MART's. These can be supported on metal legs set in the block or as illustrated. Note - chip the edges of the block wherever support legs occur to allow next courses to sit evenly.

List of Materials:

  • 19 only 3"x8"x16" Concrete Solid Pavers
  • 10 only 8"x8"x16" Concrete Stetchers
  • 11 only 8"x8"x16" Concrete Corners Splitable

Note: To estimate 3" solid block for additional patio area, simply multiply length in feet x width in feet x 1.2 for number of block required.

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