How to cut ceramic flooring

Makita Ceramic Saw with water tank


The trickiest part of any tiling project is usually the cutting. Without the right tool for the job, it can turn into a tedious session with a poorly-designed manual snap cutter and a lot of wasted materials.

Ceramic tile is durable, easy to maintain, and one of the most cost-effective flooring options on the market. Using a circular saw to cut your ceramic flooring means you’ll get a smooth, clean, straight line for every cut.

Makita makes a top-quality cordless circular saw that’s designed specifically for cutting glass and ceramic tile. It automatically shuts off if it’s overloaded or if the battery’s low. It also has a left and right-hand lock-off lever for maximum operator safety.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to cut ceramic flooring with a circular saw:


  • Fill the water supply tank. This ensures the tile doesn’t overheat and crack, and it also cuts down on the dust.
  • Select the proper blade for your tile. If you have questions about which blade is best for your specific kind of tile, just ask us!
  • Adjust the depth of your cut. It should be approximately half the thickness of the glass or tile. You don’t want the blade to go straight through the tile on the first pass.
  • Ready, set, go! Turn on the water and slowly make your first pass. This might cut the tile, or you may need to make a second pass to finish the cut.

What about those little areas where you need a small section of tile removed? Don’t worry - circular saws are up for that job, too. Simply make two parallel cuts with the circular saw and then use a pair of tile nippers to snip out the area in the middle.

Questions or concerns about picking out a circular saw for your first ceramic flooring project? Pop in today and we’ll be happy to explain the ins and outs of this handy tool.

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