Freshen your front door with new hardware


You can paint your front door, add a new welcome mat, and decorate the porch with new planters. But one of the biggest changes you can make to the front of your home is to swap out your door handles and locks.


Luckily, it’s also one of the easiest changes. Most new door hardware can be installed with a single screwdriver in just a few minutes, so there’s no excuse to put it off any longer.


If it’s been a while since you’ve shopped for door handles and deadbolts, you might be surprised to see how far the technology has come. There are locks that don’t require keys, touchpads that use a secret passcode, and even deadbolts that can be locked and unlocked by your smartphone.


Here are some of the options you’ll get to experience here at TIMBER MART ...


  • A keyed entry knob: If you want your front door to have a simple knob, we love the classic elegance of Weiser’s “Wickham” exterior knob that comes in three different finishes -- iron black, venetian bronze, and satin nickel. If you want something slightly more modern, consider the “Cambie” and its sleek, clean lines.


  • A handsome handleset: If you prefer the look of a separate handle and deadbolt, may we suggest Weiser’s “San Clemente x Halifax” handleset? We think the iron black finish would look spectacular against a kelly green or deep yellow front door.


  • A SmartCode lock: Entering your home is as easy as tapping in your personal access code on Weiser’s SmartCode electronic locks. They are backlit at night, so you won’t be straining to see the buttons in the dark. You can program different codes for a variety of users, as well as your master code.


  • A Kevo electronic lock: If you’re tired of fumbling for your keys and don’t want to bother remembering a passcode, try one of Weiser’s Kevo electronic locks -- your iPhone can instantly unlock the front door! (There’s also a fob available if you’re not a smartphone user). Just approach the lock with your iPhone, touch the deadbolt, and Voila, your door is unlocked! Weiser has electronic lock technology built into many of their deadbolts -- you’d never know there was more than meets the eye -- as well as in keypads. Homeowners who prefer a traditional look like that they don’t need a keypad on their door, while homeowners who love technology are psyched to have a “space-age” front door without a single keyhole. The coolest part is you can send an electronic “key” to friends and family so they can use their phone to unlock the door, too.


Whether you like the look of a classic deadbolt and knob, the flair of a grandiose curved handle, or the impressive cool-factor of a keypad, they all have one thing in common: Your front door will make a strong first impression on your guests, and you can rest assured that your home is secure!


Our customers always appreciate when we explain that all Weiser hardware features SmartKey® re-key technology -- which means it’s easy to re-key the lock yourself in seconds in three easy steps. Nobody wants the hassle of having to make new keys for their neighbours, so this is a huge timesaver.

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