Five ways to add a pop of colour

Boring beige or standard white are usual paint colour recommendations to homeowners wanting to avoid making their home look small, dark or chaotic. They naturally want their home to look large, bright and calming, and yet they’re taught to associate “bright” paint colours as overpowering or even garish.

But here’s what the beiges of the world can’t do: inject life and energy into a space!

Pops of colour can make a room vibrant and attractive, so here are five easy TIMBER MART ways to infuse a bit of colour into your space...

  • Accent walls. Painting all four walls a vibrant shade of orange isn’t usually the best call, but sometimes you succumb to a bright paint swatch and it’s hard to resist. That’s why accents walls were born, you get all of the fun of choosing a daring and exciting colour without the cold-sweat panic of realizing it’s suddenly on all of the walls.


    An accent wall looks great paired with a gallery-style arrangement, built-in bookcase or special details worthy of its rebel beauty. A different, very modern take on the accent wall is to tape off an angled section and simply paint half of the wall, leaving the other half white.

    purple room

  • Architectural features. Fireplaces, half walls, doors, trim, archways, even arbitrary skinny walls at the end of a hallway? All unique details that could be accentuated with a pop of colour. Everyone thinks about painting their front door, but what about the door to your pantry or the door to your bedroom closet? This is a perfect spot for a splash of kelly green, fuchsia or tangerine.

    red door

  • Furniture. With the right prep-work and variety of paint, it’s never been easier to change the colour of a hutch, dresser, coffee table or entertainment unit. Most furniture comes in neutral tones to target the masses, not because they look best in white, beige, tan or shades of wood.

    red chest

    Shake up your dining room by pairing beige walls and white wainscoting with a spectacular royal blue table. Refresh a dated bedroom by painting your nightstands a really fantastic shade of green. A bold coffee table can become the focal point of a living room with less than an hour of sanding and painting. If you’re timid about painting a whole piece of furniture, try just painting the sides of your drawers or the inside of an armoire. You’ll get a fun surprise every time you open it up.

  • Fixtures. Who says lighting fixtures need to be brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze? Take some sunshine-yellow paint to the old chandelier you inherited from the previous homeowners. Don’t forget about cabinets, vanities and other built-in pieces that could use a brightening-up.

    orange kitchen

  • Accessories. Don’t despair if the idea of fearlessly splashing a wall or large piece of furniture with bright colour is too ambitious for you. Pops of colour can be as small as the accessories in a space, like vases, photo frames, tchotchkes, sculpture, paintings, storage bins or floating shelves. Start where you feel comfortable and enjoy the happy little hits of colour.

    coush with green cushions

Inspired to run out and buy a rainbow of pop colours? We’re here if you have any questions.

Happy painting!

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