Choosing the right saw blade

When you head down the aisle with replacement saw blades, we understand it can feel like a blur of numbers and specifications. Size, purpose, material, tooth count, tooth configuration - it’s a lot to take in!

But if you don’t choose the proper blade, you risk damaging your saw, wrecking your project, or even injuring yourself. That’s why it’s important to take the time and select the right one.

Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re shopping for new saw blades:

  • The type of saw: You can buy selected blades that will work in a variety of saws, like table saws and miter saws, but some saws require very specific blades. If you pick the wrong one, it can cause serious problems - both for you and the saw.
    table saw
  • The blade’s size/diameter: It’s important to use the proper size of blade for any saw, even though it may seem like it wouldn’t be a big deal to swap it out for a larger or smaller blade. Double-check your saw before heading to TIMBER MART and even jot down the make and model if you want to be sure.
  • The materials you’ll be sawing: Sure, all saw blades look sharp and serviceable, but they’re all designed for cutting through different materials. If you don’t have the proper blade, you’ll end up with chipped flooring and a blade that doesn’t last for more than a few cuts.
    table saw cutting wood
  • The blade’s tooth count: When you’re choosing sandpaper, you pick a higher grit for more delicate sanding and a lower grit for heavy-duty sanding. Saw blades have a similar system involving teeth. A miter blade with 80 teeth is great for delicate, clean finish cuts, while a miter blade with 40 teeth excels in harder cuts.
    table saw cuting plywood
  • The blade’s tooth design: Not all teeth are created equal. Configurations include triple chip grind (TCG), alternating top bevel (ATB), flat top grind (FTG), and high or steep alternating top bevel (HATB). We recommend sticking with the saw manufacturer’s recommendations, because this is a confusing decision - with many abbreviations.
    asw blade teeth

Remember, if you have questions about choosing the right blade for your saw, your friends at TIMBER MART are always here to help. We want to make sure you protect your tools and - most importantly - yourself!

Happy sawing!

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