Boost your home’s curb appeal

You get a good look at your neighbours’ homes when you’re out for a stroll or putting out the garbage, but you probably don’t turn around and examine your own home too much, right?

Sometimes homeowners fall into the trap of focusing on the interior of their home, because that’s where they’re spending most of their at-home hours. They shell out for furniture, paint, accessories and lighting while forgetting about what’s happening outside those four walls.

Here are a few TIMBER MART tips on boosting your home’s curb appeal:

Start with symmetry: Don’t just buy one nice planter - buy two, so you have one for either side of the door. The same goes with chairs for the porch, pots of peonies for the steps and decorative lanterns to light the way. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, and it will elevate the look of your home even from a distance.

front door and shrubs

Go for the green: Bushes, shrubs, trees and flowering plants are an easy way to brighten up the front of your home with a bit of colour, but they also add texture and depth. Take good care of your lawn -- or hire a professional - because ratty, discoloured grass outside your home is the equivalent of having a stained, straggly wall-to-wall carpet inside your home.

poor lawn

Clear the clutter: After a while, it’s hard to notice the kids’ toys, sports equipment and errant gardening tools scattered around the property, isn’t it? But to a fresh set of eyes, it’s like little bits of trash dotting the lawn. Invest in a few outdoor storage trunks or bins and enlist your family to do a quick yard tidy at the end of every evening.

toys on lawn

Brighten up: A burnt-out porch light can make a house look lopsided but did you know you can also get the same effect from light bulbs with two different temperatures? Make sure you use identical bulbs in your outdoor lightings so you’re not casting a cool bluish light on one half of the porch and a warm, yellow light on the other half. If you’re not sure about the difference, chat with us - different temperature bulbs can complement different door colours and siding tones.

lights on house at night

Consider contrast: People have been proven to enjoy high-contrast images where a saturated colour is paired with white, for example. If your house feels ho-hum and everything kind of blends together - beige siding, tan door, creamy trim - you might want to repaint with contrast in mind. Look at the houses in your neighbourhood, flip through swatches, and see what colour combinations catch your eye.

window shutters

Don’t forget the details: If your casa is rocking a set of dated, faded, brass house numbers, it’s definitely time for a makeover. Spray paint them to freshen them up, or switch them out for a modern font. You can also upgrade your curb appeal inexpensively by switching out your front door hardware or adding a sleek knocker. What about the lighting and mailbox? Could they be spruced up with a little paint or is it time to upgrade them?

house number

Any questions? The curb appeal experts at TIMBER MART are always here to lend a hand.

Happy updating!


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