Plans & Custom Designs

Our Home & Cottage Plans include, but are not limited to the following designs. For all the designs we have available, please visit TIMBER MART's Home & Cottage Plans section.

Plan# W2659, Two Storey

Two-Storey Home Plan W2659

Plan# W2433, Cottage
Cottage Plan W2433

Plan# W2912, Executive Cottage
Executive Cottage Plan 2912

Plan# W3923, Cottage

Plan# W3507, Cottage
Cottage Plan W3507

Plan# W2957, Cottage
Cottage Plan W2957

Plan# W3925, Executive Cottage
Executive Cottage Plan W3925

Plan# TBM2297C, Cottage

Cottage Plan TBM2297C

Plan# TBM2009, Cottage
Cottage Plan TBM2009

Plan# TBM1384, Cottage
Cottage Plan TBM1384

If our pre-made plans don't fit your needs, we work with local to the surrounding area Ontario Certified Design Firms that can customize a plan for you or create the plans for your dream home from scratch! We strive to provide affordable, accurate certified design plans for new homes, cottages, additions, garages or private cabins in order to easily obtain municipal building permits and make the building process enjoyable and rewarding.

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