Havelock TIMBER MART is your dock destination!

Waterskiing, boating, fishing and swimming -- enjoy every moment of summer from your Fendock.  An affordable, high quality aluminum dock, Fendock is an attractive addition to your waterfront. With its easy assembly, Fendock extends your summer season and gives you more time to  spend with family and friends.
Fendock Photos
Please contact the store if need any additional information or come in and we can design a custom Fendock to meet your requirements.

Dock styles and parts.

Our large selection of dock hardware and accessories make it easy to complete your project. You can design your own dock or we can design, assemble and deliver it for you.

Docks in the water.

Our selection of custom docks on display will allow you to look at the finished product before buying or give you some ideas on how to complete your own project. We have prebuilt 8' x 12' and 8' x 16' docks assembled in pressure treated and cedar ready for delivery! 

Dock types.

Trent Timber Treating We build our docks using Trent Timber treated lumber. 

Dock on the lake.

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