Cabinets and Counters

When you are ready to transform your kitchen or bathroom, look no further than TIMBERMAX.  Our full-service hardware store offers pre-made cabinets and vanities of all different styles and sizes.  We have a wide range of faucets to complete your vanity or kitchen.

In addition to our hardware store we have our Custom Cabinetry Design service for those larger porjects.  Doing a complete reno or upgrade, we have you covered. Our team can help you find cabinets that work for you, or we can design a new kitchen or bathroom layout-including cabients, countertip, wall tiles, and flooring-for you.  Our staff has a ton of experience in listening to our customers so you're right at home to discuss your needs.  We have many styles to suit your budget and personal taste.  No need to stress-let us do it for you!

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