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In operation since 1967, TIMBER MART  is the largest buying group for Independents in Canada. It is a member-owned organization serving building material and hardware retailers, commercial dealers and manufacturers. TIMBER MART  exists to help Canadian entrepreneurs involved in the sale of building materials and hardware be more profitable.

As a consumer, you can have confidence that you’re leveraging TIMBER MART ’s enormous buying power when you shop at your local TIMBER MART.

As an independent retailer, commercial dealer or home manufacturer looking for a better deal,

TIMBER MART buys more drywall, insulation, lumber, steel studs and most other LBM categories than any group in Canada. Imagine the savings and value this can bring to your business.

Our Values


Professionally Managed:

We are professionally managed with a clear sense of vision, discipline and structure to ensure we are fiscally responsible and measuring up to our performance metrics.


Customer Centric:

We are easy to do business with and have an uncomplicated, responsive and positive approach to customer service.

Winning Spirit: We are entrepreneurial by nature, and focused on the development of our people, our business and our customers.

Where We Are Going

We will continue to evolve as a selling organization to support our position as Canada’s dominant buying group. We will continue to provide choice and grow sales, fidelity and our customer base. We will become more sticky by building loyalty, strengthening our retail brands and developing solutions that meet customers’ needs.

If you’d like specific product information or quotes from your local TIMBER MART, they’re happy to help and you can contact them directly.

Find the nearest location using our ‘Store Finder’.

Our Corporate Offices

Airport Corporate Centre
Suite 705, 1601 Airport Road NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 6Z8

Tel: 403.717.1990
Fax: 403.717.1997

20 Floral Parkway, Unit A
Vaughan, ON
L4K 4R1

Tel: 905.671.2424
Fax: 905.671.4479

99 Wyse Road, Suite 910
Metropolitan Place
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B3A 4S5

Tel: 902.835.7242
Fax: 902.835.0955

7005, boul. Taschereau
Suite 301
Brossard, Québec
J4Z 1A7

Tel: 514.286.0149
Fax: 514.286.0168


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